About us

In 1989, Stefan Jonas & Lutz Redmann, two close friends working as engineers, founded a company specializing in special-purpose machinery. One aim was clear from the very beginning – finding the perfect technical solution.

Today, both founders remain at the head of the company and haven’t lost an ounce of their technological enthusiasm. Through their sound technical know-how and love of perfection, Jonas & Redmann have grown to establish themselves as Berlin’s largest specialist of special-purpose machinery. We produce machines that can make a difference. Aside from being economically successful, having our machines make a difference remains a key objective.

In the field of medical technology, for example, our machines produce life-saving dialysis filters. Innovations made in plant engineering used in the manufacture of solar cells and energy storage systems ensure the efficient use of renewable energy sources.

With the maximum possible level of both expertise and problem-solving competence, most machines produced are “the first of their kind”. Already in 1992, just three years after having founded the company, Jonas & Redmann registered for their first patent. It is not unusual for a customer to approach us with a problem, and the remedy proposed ultimately becomes the basic solution.
We place importance on and take pride in the fact that innovation, aesthetic design and perfection, right down to the last nut and bolt – and even “under the hood” – all stand as our trademark.

The label “Made in Germany”, apart from any eventual advantages and/or disadvantages based on location, remains both a fundamental pledge as well as declared company objective.


Jonas & Redmann

Segelfliegerdamm 65
12487 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 230 866-100

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    • JR Competencies

      Jonas & Redmann have extensive expertise in the automation of complex and multi-layered production processes.

      Automation of Complex Processes

      We are particularly specialized in the development of technologies for production processes, which have either not yet been automated or were previously considered as non-automatable. Let us share our expertise so you can profit from our extensive process know-how from numerous projects in the high-tech sectors: photovoltaics, energy storage, medical engineering and assembly automation. With our extensive expertise, we offer our customers tried and tested processes and efficient system solutions for demanding applications.

      Portfolio for High-Tech Branches

      Development of new production technologies and the necessary machines

      Standardized platforms for automation, measuring technology and process technologies

      Laboratory equipment systems, individual plant systems, integrated production lines

    • Connection Technologies

      In automated assembly, the joining and connecting of the functioning units play a key role.

      Optimum Connection Solutions

      We integrate a wide range of connection technologies in our comprehensive solution for the assembly of electronic and automotive components.

      Connection Technologies Portfolio

      Joining technology

      Screw technology

      Press-fit technology | precision pressing

      Riveting technology

      Soldering for selective soldering

      Heat sealing

      Welding technology

      Adhesive and dosing technology

    • Marking & Processing

      In the production of high-tech products, sensitive or pliable materials pose high demands on processing and marking processes.

      Processing of High-tech Materials

      From hard-brittle silicon, to pliable ultrathin foils, through to fine hollow fibers – our engineering expertise makes it possible to process numerous high-tech materials. Our automation solutions come equipped with a high level of precision and quality to ensure your complex product is produced according to specifications.

      Marking and Processing Portfolio

      Filling / Dosing of solids and fluids

      Precision dispensing of pastes and adhesives

      Surface coating with pasty media

      Using die cutter for the shaping of foil blanks

      Z-folding of separators in accumulator production

      Reshaping of hoses/tubes

      Reshaping | Deep drawing of composite films

      Bundling and cutting of hollow fibers

      Laser marking

      Pad and ink-jet printing


    • Handling & Assembly

      Jonas & Redmann are specialists in the conception and production of highly intelligent assembly solutions as well as customized handling technology.

      Modular Assembly – Agile and Highly Flexible

      We offer scalable automated and semi-automated assembly and handling systems, for which various elements can be easily reconfigured.  By making sure our components are easily convertible, we ensure your flexibility and enable the production of various product types. The integration of additional modules with new functionalities into existing lines can be easily implemented.

      Assembly Portfolio

      Assembly of very small parts with high cycle times

      Precision and micro assembly machines             

      Sorting technology for bulk materials

      Pick & Place module | Assembly-handling modules

      Robotics (all kinematics)

      Palletization units

      Stacking units

      Dosing units

      Handling and Transport Portfolio

      Material feed

      Transfer systems

      Portal handling

      Special grippers for flexible materials

      Special grippers for hard/brittle and ultra-thin materials

      Transport and storage devices for sensitive products/customized

      Modular grippers for easy conversion when changing variants

      Workpiece carrier (WT) transfer systems

      AGV – Automated Guide Vehicles

      Overhead transport systems

    • Metrology

      We offer reliable in-line inspection technology and in-process analysis software for consistent quality management in ongoing production. We consider all metrologically relevant steps already during the conception phase of a machine or production line. On request, when finished, the complete solution includes comprehensive quality inspection and evaluation of each measuring cell as well as all inspected objects.

      Consitency in Quality Assurance

      Material receiving inspection

      Continuous testing and monitoring during production with integrated NIO parts removal system

      End-of-line Test

      Inspection Technology Portfolio

      Robot-vision systems

      Surface inspection

      Measurement of layer thickness

      Precision weighing

      Assembly and completeness check

      Code identification

      Inline measurement

    • Laser Technology

      We offer the integration of laser technology in automation technology paired with sound process competence in numerous laser applications.

      Highest Accuracy in Micro-Machining

      Due to the fact that we have our own laser laboratory and are in close cooperation with competence centers in the fields of laser sources and optics, we are able to keep up with rapid technological development and the implementation of customer-specific laser processing systems.


      Structuring of Solar Cells

      Automated tab welding in the production of lithium-based battery cells

      Cutting | Separation of solar cells

      Stripping | Decoating e.g. of enameled copper wire in stator production


    • Screen Printing


      Jonas & Redmann are leading producers of fully-automated screen printing systems for the front and backside metallization of crystalline silicon solar cells.

      High Screen Quality and Low Paste Consumption



      Specific development, having taken place in the field of screen printing since 2009, and combined with our expertise in the processing and handling of hard-brittle materials, has led to pioneering metallization systems and helped to equip them with competitive and unique selling point features. We would be happy to incorporate our expertise in industrial screen printing into your project.

      Highest possible level of accuracy in object orientation and screen printing

      Soft-Print Technology through low-contact transport and processing strategies

      Unique screen lift kinematics for high screen life

      Innovative pressure deposit coating

      Multi-layer printing processes with the highest level of precision possible


    • Software Development

      Automation software is essential to ensure a high level of both functionality and efficiency. A core competence of Jonas & Redmann is the development of individual software for technically complex machines and systems.

      Individual Software Solutions

      We develop individual software as either an integral part of your machines or as a complimentary application. You benefit from our experience with numerous control and visualization systems (Siemens, Beckhoff, Allen Bradley, customized).

      Software Development Portfolio

      High-level language programming

      Manufacturing Execution System (MES) interfaces

      System integration of measurement technology | Process technology

      Programming of industrial robots  

      Performance increase through software | Diagnosis and remote access

      • Germany Berlin Headquarters

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        Address for Suppliers

        • Jonas & Redmann | Headquarters
          Segelfliegerdamm 65
          12487 Berlin


        • Telephone: +49 30 23 08 66-100
        •  E-Mail
        • Jonas & Redmann | Delivery
          Segelfliegerdamm 67
          12487 Berlin


        • Telephone: +49 30 23 08 66-100
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        How to Find Us

        Coming from Tegel Airport

          • Take A113 from Schönefelder Allee
          • Follow A113 to Stubenrauchstraße in Berlin
          • Follow Stubenrauchstraße and drive to Segelfliegerdamm (1,4 km)
          • Distance from the airport is 12.9 km (12 min)

        Coming from Berlin Central Station

            • Drive on B96
            • Take A100
            • Follow A100 and A113 to Massante-Brücke/ Stubenrauchstraße
            • On A113 take exit 4-Stubenrauchstraße
            • Follow Stubenrauchstraße until you reach Segelfliegerdamm
            • Distance from main station is 18.4 km (27 min)
      • Korea Cheongju


        • Jonas & Redmann Korea Co. Ltd.,
          503 Venture Plaza, Gangni 1 gil 7,
          Ochang-eup, CheongWon-gu, CheongJu-si,
          Chungbuk 28126,
        • Telephone: +82 43 2110 762
        • Fax: +82 43 2110 763
        •  E-Mail

        How to Find Us

        Coming from Incheon International Airport:

        • By taxi: Take one of the exits 4-8 in the arrivals area (estimated taxi cost is approx. 150 €)
        • By rental car: use English version of GPS Navigation (driving time is estimated to be approximately 2 hours)
        • By bus: Purchase one „Long Distance Ticket“ to Cheongju– ticket counters are located at exit 8/ outdoor ticket counter located at exit 11, bus departs from station 10C (near exit 11)

        Coming from Cheongju Bus Station:

        • Take a taxi
        • Taxis are located directly opposite the bus station
        • Distance to JR Korea is approx.15 km (estimated taxi cost is 15 €)
      • China Suzhou City


        • Jonas & Redmann (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
          D-411, No 388 Xing Ping Street
          SIP, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province,
          China Postcode: 215125


        • Telephone: +86 512 6298 8218
        • Fax: +86 512 6298 8190
        •  E-Mail

        How to Find Us

        Coming from the Suzhou Industrial Park Train Station:

        • Travel in the direction of West Zhihe Road
        • Turn left on Middle Suhong Road
        • Continue on West Suhong Road
        • Turn left on Xinghai Street
        • After 2.4 km, you will have arrived at our facilities

        Coming from Suzhou Train Station:

        • Take Suzhan Road, which becomes Guandu Road
        • Continue on Guandu Road
        • Turn right on Shanggao Road, which becomes Donghuan Road
        • Continue on Donghuan Road
        • Turn left on West Zhongxin Avenue
        • After 2.1 km, you will have arrived at our facilities

        Public Transportation:

        • You can reach us with the 26, 27, 28, 100, 118, 142, 160, 307, 818 bus lines
      • USA Beaverton


        • Jonas & Redmann USA, Inc.
          4905 SW Griffith Drive
          Suite 108
          Beaverton, OR 97005
      • Germany Malterdingen Site

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        • Jonas & Redmann | JR Innovations GmbH
          Riegeler Strasse 4
          79364 Malterdingen
        • Telephone: +49 7644 92797-0
        • Fax: +49 7644 92797-110
        •  E-Mail

        How to Find Us

        Coming from Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport:

        • Take the Autobahn A 35
        • Stay on A35/ A5 until you reach L113 in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl
        • Continue on the A5 until you reach exit 59 – you are now leaving Riegel
        • Continue in the direction of Malterdingen
        • Take the first exit at the roundabout and then take an immediate right again

        Coming from the Central Station:

        • Take an EC/IC/ICE train to either Offenburg or Freiburg im Breisgau
        • Then take a connecting Regionalexpress train to Riegel-Malterdingen
        • Jonas & Redmann Malterdingen is located directly at the Riegel-Malterdingen train station

        Arrivals by plane are recommended via the following airports:

        • Frankfurt Main (243 km)
        • Stuttgart (185 km)
        • Zürich (180 km)
        • Karlsruhe/ Baden-Baden (90 km)
        • Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (90 km)
      • India Mumbai


        • Jonas & Redmann | India,
          International Marketing Corporation
          418, Swastik Chambers
          Sion Trombay Road
          Mumbai – 400 071
        • Telephone: +91 22 6684 0000
        • Fax: +91 22 6684 0099
        •  E-Mail

        How to Find Us

        Coming from International Airport Mumbai:

        • Take Nehru Rd until Service Rd
        • Turn left at Mumbai Domestic Airport Hotel to the left on Service Road / Western Express Highway
        • Turn left onto Sion-Bandra Link Rd and continue on the left side to stay on Sion-Bandra Link Rd
        • Turn left onto Dharavi Depot Rd until Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, turn right
        • The Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd becomes to Station Rd, follow to the left
        • Continue on the Eastern Express Highway/ Mumbai-Agra National Hwy
        • Turn left onto Sumannagar Flyover and use the left lane to drive on Sion – Trombay Rd/VN Purav Marg
        • Turn left onto SG Barve Marg, IMC is on the left
      • Sales Photovoltaics

        Contact Person

        Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH)
        Wolfgang Sonnenburg
        Director Sales & Business Delevopment Photovoltaics

        Segelfliegerdamm 65 | 12487 Berlin | Germany
        Telephone: +49 30 230 866-6270

      • Sales Energy Storage

        Contact Person

        Stefan Krippner
        Sales Engineering

        Segelfliegerdamm | 12487 Berlin | Germany
        Telephone: +49 30 230 866-6272

      • Sales Medical Engineering

        Contact Person

        Sören Grzyl
        Head of Medical Engineering

        Segelfliegerdamm 65 | 12487 Berlin | Germany
        Telephone: +49 30 230 866-5811

      • Sales Assembly Automation

        Contact Person

        Dipl. Ing.
        Peter Schneider
        Sales Engineer

        Segelfliegerdamm 65 | 12487 Berlin | Germany
        Telephone: +49 30 230 866-5654