Our experience – your benefit

Our services begin with an idea for a solution and extend to the support of the finished system on-site – anywhere in the world. Our employees see the machines off on their way into productivity and create the technological developments of the future in intensive exchange with our customers.


  • Planning and conceptual design for the automation of production lines
  • Technical consulting related to the automation and inspection technology
  • Implementation of all customer-specific requirements
  • Optimized space requirements with modular machine design
  • Offer of cost-optimized standard machines
  • Integration of all market-standard process systems
  • Ramp-up and transfer to the customer with guaranteed performance parameters
  • Reliable delivery and secure supply chain: LBA certification as a "known consignor"
  • Comprehensive training for operating personnel
  • Worldwide customer service
  • Worldwide maintenance and spare parts service


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04.12.2017 | ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ ISO 50001

Certification passed once again



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